Another Single Release From Big Derek

What You Looking At? single cover
Big Derek – What You Looking At Single

What You Looking At?

Following on from the success of Will You Be There Red Bus Music have now released Big Derek’s second single What You Looking At? If you are a fan of retro pop music then this single will definitely appeal to you. Originally recorded at Red Bus Studio’s, London back in 1988. The name of this single was originally City of Cheer but this was changed to make it more commercial. Obviously the hook line (chorus) is What You Looking At?

A Little Bit Of History..

When What You Looking At? was recorded back in 1988 it attracted the attention of many record companies. Most memorable company was Island Records , Chris Blackwell personally wanted to sign the band on the strength of this single alone. Very exciting indeed but at the time Island Records were very busy. The A&R team suggested we would have to wait possibly a year for a release. If only we had waited. Things may have been a lot better now? A year is a very long time in the music industry.

Eventually What You Looking At? was released by Sony Columbia, Holland in 1991. Yes, a long way round but it eventually got released. Unfortunately, Sony, Holland didn’t seem to push this song as well as tit could have been. It was dropped in a pile of other Sony artists to Dutch radio stations hoping someone would pick it up and run with it. The good thing was we got to go to Holland a couple of times 1st Class, which was nice. Our A&R team at Sony were a great set of people but it just didn’t seem to work for us, which is another blog story I may write some other day.

Anyway, Red Bus Music have now re-mastered and re-released this amazing single which we hope puts a smile on your face and you download it on your favourite music app. Lets try and get this song to the top where it deserves…

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