New YouTube Channel For Big Derek

Big Derek – What You Looking At?

New YouTube Channel For Big Derek

Are you on the bus or not?

For years and years we have had a number of videos made from a selection of gigs that we did thanks to Keiths mam Lynn (one of our biggest fans). These were originally video tapes which were then put onto DVD. Now DVD is a thing of the past (nearly) so now we needed to put them onto HD or USB. In a blink of an eye the future has changed so much. Having to develop websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, YouTube channels…… How do you keep up, not only that you have to write songs too, who has the time these days..?

Yes, I know, a bit of a rant. We have a release of an old tune to come out from Red Bus very soon, (What You Looking At?) that will be another blog. With the re-release of our second single we decided to put all that old footage to good use. I think we looked much better back then, that been the reason not to do a recent video lol.

So, we (Big Derek) would love you all to be on board and join in with our second journey. Please watch our latest video for our very soon to be released single, What You Looking At? We would love you all to like the video and then subscribe to our Big Derek Music YouTube Channel. For a lot of you who knew us back in the day, I’m sure this video will trigger some great memories of some good times.


You never know…… This time next year Rodders!!

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