New Website For Big Derek Music

New Website | New Releases

Yes, it has been a long time coming but here we are, 2018 and now Big Derek have a website…. 32 years in the making. We are hoping that we can get release dates from Red Bus Music in advance so we can let you know which music platforms they are on. Plus we may get the chance to re-records some old re-vamped tracks and even new tracks down at Red Bus Studio some time soon, fingers crossed. If we do we’ll be sure to write a blog about it with some great photos and possibly some snippets of the tracks. 

This is all new to us so please bare with us and support us on our journey. You never know we may even start rehearsing and do a few gigs. Now that would be fun..!!

Will You Be There Release

The start of many releases by Red Bus Music. This track was originally recorded at Red Bus Studio in 1987 then eventually signed and released by Sony Columbia in 1991. Now back to 2017 Red Bus Music have decided to release it once again. A great pop/rock tune that we are sure you will love.

Will You Be There is a available to download and stream through iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, GooglePlay plus Soundcloud.