Introducing The Producer – Pete Yellowstone

The man who pulled it all together in the studio.

Pete Yellowstone Playing the Stienberg Grand Piano
Pete Yellowstone

Introducing Pete Yellowstone. An Italian Scotsman with a flair for making pop music for the masses originally from the 1970’s duo Yellowstone and Voice Pete then went on to produce acts like Kelly Marie and many more.

Big Derek were introduced to Pete Yellowstone and Paul Radford in the late 1980’s were Pete was now the resident Producer along with Paul at Red Bus Studios. As you can see from above. Smoking was allowed in studios back then. Ah, the good old days lol. From their first meeting a great friendship and working relationship was formed. Pete and Paul got to work with this new and very naive North East Band (Big Derek). Pete would selected a couple of tracks at a time from Big Dereks list of songs. The band would learn from Pete how to record their songs and how to improve them. From Andy’s drumming techniques through to Michael’s vocals. Diction! Diction! Diction! “Your audience needs to hear and understand what you are singing about”. Very true and all Pete’s tricks and advice have lived on through to today. 

Later into the 1990’s Pete would also write with Big Derek along with Billy Lawrie. Some great times were had from all. Pete was an inspiration, a great laugh and a good bloke to be around. So yes, Thank you Pete!

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